Office Building Maintenance

Your office premises are the first impression customers will have of your business. A clean office shows you care about your customers and employees. We provide daily, weekly, monthly or a one-time cleaning service of your office building whether it is a single or multi-tenant facility.

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Medical Facilities

The disinfecting technology our professional trained staff uses will allow your medical staff to work and your patients to receive care in a safe, hazardous free environment.

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Restaurant Cleaning

Deep cleaning with the highest quality products will leave your restaurant germ free and help you pass cleaning health inspections. Your customers will love to come to your restaurant because they will feel their food is being prepared in a safe, clean environment.


When hundreds of customers walk through the aisles of your supermarket, the floors are liable to pack on dirt and lose their shine. Our products and techniques will make the floors of your supermarket sparkling clean and safe for your customers.

Condominium Complexes

Welcome your owners and tenants with shiny floors and clean, deodorized carpets. Using our services will increase the value of your property and make your building more desirable. We can provide daily, weekly, monthly or a one-time cleaning service to fit your needs.

Shopping Centers

Your tenants demand and will benefit from a clean pathway and trash free parking lot. After all, it is the entrance to their store/business. We can provide daily, weekly, monthly or even a one-time cleaning service of your Shopping Center common areas and parking lot.


Contact us when only the best will do. Guests are more likely to turn into return customers when your premises are properly cleaned, carpets are sanitized with nature-friendly green products, and floors sparkle showing how much you care about their comfort and safety.


Your premises can really take a beating from hundreds of students walking around the hallways and using your classrooms every day. We can provide Janitorial Services that uses the highest quality products to serve your needs. Give us a call; we are ready to work with you.

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Car Dealerships

Let your premises shine as much as your cars do! Our trained professionals use the highest quality products to clean and deodorize your carpets and make your floors shine. We can also provide power washing of your exterior walls and sidewalks, as well as window washing. Customers will be impressed by the effort you put into making your showroom look as good as your cars do. Our professionals are waiting for your call!

Movie Theaters

Improve the look of your premises to retain frequent customers and attract new ones. Using our services daily, weekly, monthly or even as a one-time visit, will add great value to your customer’s movie experience, resulting in higher sales for your business. Contact Us Today!


Keep your tenants and their customers happy with shining floors and clean, deodorized carpets. We can also provide power washing for your exterior walls and sidewalks as well as window washing. When your facilities look their best, customers will enjoy and extend their visits, making your Mall, the place to be. Give us a call! Our representatives are ready to assist you.

Floor Maintenance

Experience the Incredible Shine Difference when we clean your floors with the latest high quality products that produce a lasting shine. We can arrange for a one-time or scheduled floor maintenance schedule to keep your floors in top shape.

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Pressure Cleaning Services

Building interiors and exteriors in the humid South Florida weather and the congested streets of New York and New Jersey can really build up mold and unsightly black stains. We use the finest anti-microbial detergents and emulsifiers that provide the cleanest, most attractive, safest and long-lasting wash increasing the value of your premises.

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